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Puppies La Gebrada


Delivery conditions

Puppies are delivered once they have received the appropriate amount of vaccines. The owner will still have to continue with vaccines and the deparasitization protocol.

When both parents are from our centre we provide a DNA certificate. There are times when there is no certificate for the father, if a male from another country has fathered the litter.

Dogs are not sent by road delivery as we consider this to be too stressful for the puppies. We prefer owners to come and pick them up.

Guarantee against congenital diseases for puppies

We provide a 24-month guarantee against elbow and hip dysplasia.

Conditions for guarantee

X-rays showing the extent of dysplasia in the dog must be taken at 12 months and be assessed by the scientific committee of AVEPA (Association of Spanish Vets) and a copy of the report must be sent to us. (In cases of dogs sold to other countries it should be the scientific committee recognised by the pedigree club). If x-rays are taken before this age we will want to see them or have them taken again by our vet before any decision is taken.

If the level of hip dysplasia is D or worse and/or the level of elbow dysplasia is 2 or worse, the centre may: reimburse payment or give another puppy from an existing or soon expected litter.

As you will certainly have grown attached to the puppy and would want to keep him, you will not have to return him to be covered by the guarantee. The only thing you will have to do is sign an agreement committing you won’t breed with the animal to avoid transmitting the disease.

The owner is responsible for the cost of x-rays to determine whether there is hip or elbow dysplasia.


All our puppies are registered at birth in the LOE (the Spanish origins register). We will take the necessary steps to ensure the recognition of the pedigree of all our dogs. If all it’s fine, we should receive a pedigree certificate within 6 months after the sale of the puppy.

If you would like to receive a pedigree certificate, you can pick it up at the centre or we can send it by mail to people residing outside the region.

We do not sell puppies without pedigree.

Courses for Puppies

Our puppies are entitled to take classes after they have had two vaccinations.

The classes take place on Saturday mornings at the centre and all family members are welcome to take part. There are 8 classes in the course aimed at giving the new owner family all that we consider to be good starting out knowledge.

For those puppies sold to owners outside the region we will provide a dossier with all the training information that we consider useful that would otherwise be given in the puppy classes.